Human Resources



Policy of Human Resources

Human resources are universally regarded as a main element in any organization; of all its components they are what combines knowledge resulting from experience while supporting a competitive edge.

At NR this is not an exception, as human value plays an important role in the company’s growth and success.


We currently have more than three hundred employees working between Europe and Africa, comprising a stable and experienced technical team. Our internal policy determines a continuous process of needs assessment that involves detecting training and performance evaluation. The company sets an annual training plan to reinforce the technical skills and qualifications of its employees, joining all internal areas, such as work management personnel, production teams and/or support areas.


The value of NR Human Resources, enables us to go further and brings success to each project we work on.



Jobs & Careers

We offer our Collaborators an exciting and challenging environment full of opportunities for professional development.


If you are looking for a challenge where fulfilment and career development are a key factor, we invite you to send us your application.


We seek professionals who share our Values:

•    Honesty
•    Transparency;
•    Trust;
•    Professionalism.


We seek positive people who wish to be part of solutions rather than problems.

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