Quality & Scheduling




Quality management is the basis on which NR’s services and business operations are conducted. We recognize the importance of providing quality assured service to our customers, and extend our policy to encouraging all our suppliers and consultants to apply the same principles to their operations, especially when providing a product or service to NR.
Because the quality is one of our concerns, the company is in process for becoming Certified by the Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2000), and in process of Implementation of the Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2004) and of the Management System for Safety and Health at Work (OSHAS 18001/NP 4397:2001).




Vital to the successful delivery of any NR project is the precise and timely programming of works on site and the ability to manage the construction schedule.
A well-planned and realistic schedule that takes into account as many variables as possible will help keep a construction project moving along smoothly, alert the construction manager when the project is about to run into snags, and help make needed adjustments when unforeseen circumstances arise. NR implements open and regular communication between its suppliers and contract manager to ensure the schedule is properly maintained.



Project Management

Our team has a broad experience including several construction delivery methods from general contracting to construction management.

Using our expertise and our project management tools we effectively lighten the load of the project management and the project team and ensure the accomplishment of the set project goals.



•    Planning of startup and final inspection;
•    Planning of tenant fitout and modification.


•    Scheduling and schedule control;
•    Site installation.


•    Collaboration Tools;
•    Planning of design processes.